Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia 

The European Commission is represented in Slovakia through a local office based in Bratislava.

Its task is:

  • explain to the broad and professional public the impact of EU policies in Slovakia;
  • act on behalf of the European Commission in Slovakia;
  • mediate EU-related information to the government, other authorities and stakeholders in Slovakia;
  • inform the Commission in Brussels of important political, economic and social developments in Slovakia;
  • provide press and media services - information for the media on the development of EU policy making, other events in the Union and various events of the Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia;
  • organize information activities and events for the broad and professional public.

The University of Economics in Bratislava

The University of Economics in Bratislava (UEBA) is considered to be one of the most important educational and scientific-research institutions in the Slovak Republic. The UEBA is a public Higher Education Institution focusing on Economics, Business, and Management. The mission of the UEBA is to provide quality higher education in all three levels of university education in a complex of economic and management degree programs and selected study programs in the humanities and informatics sciences; the development of knowledge based on the freedom of creative scientific research in the fields of business, economics, informatics, humanities and social sciences; and thus contributing to the development of the knowledge society of Slovakia and the European area.

Facts and Figures:

  • Number of Faculties / Schools: 7 (6 of them with the seat in Bratislava and 1 in Košice)
  • Number of graduates: 100 000
  • Number of Students: 8 000
  • Number of academic staff: 600
  • Number of Study programs: 61
  • Courses taught in foreign languages: 90
  • Number of Double Degrees: 10